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Impossible Marbles

Welcome to Impossible Marbles! A chillapp and idle tapping game in one!

Try to fill a jar with ordinary marbles as Eaters, black holes and exploding marbles take them away!

Just chill 'n' tap!

Come with a selection of calming backgrounds and chillhop music.

Bullies Stole My Lunch!


Can you get it back... and survive the playground?

* ESCAPE bullies!

* DODGE balls!

* AVOID nasty puddles!

* COLLECT gold stars for bonus points!

Life on the playground isn't a game...


The Escapement

COLLECT objects!

SHOOT gunmen!

POP balloons for extra lives!

AVOID ghosts!

BEWARE eightballs!

HOPE for portal doors!

COLLECT bounty and EARN tokens to keep playing!

Ride as the Stranger across the Escapement, where life is precious and the only certainty is death.

How far can you ride - and survive?

Welcome to the surrealist, side-scrollin', shoot-em-up survival sensation from Candy Arcade!

Candy Mafia Tap 'n Pop

Candy falls from the sky!

Tap and pop to collect it - and try to beat your own high score!

PG rated and ad free!

Cornucopia: Catch Everything!

The year is 2508. Cornucopia machines roam the galaxy, scattering an endless supply of manufactured objects from the skies of the settled planets.

Everything is plentiful, and everything’s available.

But plenty comes at a price...

Can you catch it all before your world fills up with junk?

Now on Google Play!

Pegi 3 Rated

* Easy game play

* Fun and casual

* 400+ unique objects to catch

* No ads!

Bitcoin Catcher

Welcome, Investor!

With Bitcoin, money just falls from the air! Catch as many Bitcoins as you can and watch your profits soar!

But be warned - the markets are volatile, Investor! Watch out for market-crashing 8-balls and collect as many coins as you can!

Can you make it in the Bitcoin world?